CPR Services are the experts are remedial solutions for Concrete Cancer developing and building custom applicators and equipment specifically designed to bring effective Concrete Cancer Repair solutions to affected concrete structures. We have carried out countless Concrete Cancer Repair works throughout Sydney on commercial, civil and residential structures.

Concrete cancer is considered a serious structural problem that occurs within concreted areas and it is caused by, mainly, rusting or the reinforcement steel inside the concrete structure. Rust in reinforcement steel causes it to expand forcing the concrete around the steel to be damaged, cracked and displaced. The damage in the surrounding concrete creates pockets of space that allow water and moisture to gets into, and around the steel itself, this, naturally causes more rusting and worsening of the problem.

Rusted and expanded steel causes the concrete to delaminate, this often results in spalling where the concrete cracks and starts to break away. Apart from the terrible visual effect spalling creates, it is dangerous and can lead to the affected concrete areas fall off or collapse if not attended to and remedied immediately.


The most common cause of Concrete cancer is the use of poorly treated reinforcing steel materials inside the concrete. Other causes of Concrete Cancer include placing the enforcing steel too close to the concrete allowing water and humidity to get to it. Also, using incompatible enforcement metals can reactions encouraging Concrete Cancer to occur. It can also be caused by fractures in the concrete when the concreting process is not applied correctly.


Concrete cancer can be treated in all structures. In order to effect repairs, the spalled, damaged or fractured concrete must be removed to expose the affected enforcement steel. Depending on the condition of the steel, it must be cleaned and treated. In cases where the steel is affected by extensive rusting, that steel must be removed and replaced. The area is then repaired to the original concrete profile using cement mortar, epoxy mortar or concrete, depending on the size of the damage and the structural requirements. Cracks are repaired using suitable epoxy resins, special mortars and injection techniques.

We have carried out numerous concrete cancer repair project throughout Sydney and regional NSW. We use cutting edge applicators, equipment and techniques delivering timely and effective Concrete Repair Solutions. Find more about CPR Concrete Repair..

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