CPR Services offers concrete repair via a range of applications and is the perfect solution to all concrete repair requirements. Whether it be hand applied, wet spray or Gunite (otherwise known as Dry Spray) CPR Services employees have a extensive experience in both large scale concrete repair projects requiring extensive sign offs (typically from two or three independent engineers) to smaller strata type repairs, Coupled with the company’s extensive purpose built machinery base (ranging from large 14t gunite trucks to small 1t vans) we can service nearly every projects independent needs.

Concrete cancer can be treated in all structures. In order to effect repairs, the spalled concrete must be removed and any exposed steel must either be replaced or cleaned and treated. The area is then repaired to the original concrete profile using cement mortar, epoxy mortar or concrete, depending on the size of the damage and the structural requirements. Cracks are repaired using suitable epoxy resins, special mortars and injection techniques (see link)


CPR Services’ combination of the best applicators, product knowledge and in house training means that our hand applied concrete repair service is the best nationwide.
Hand applied concrete repair is perfect for smaller repairs, hard to reach locations, minor spalling as well as facades. The key to hand applied concrete repair is the knowledge of the contractor and the skills of the applicator. With over 150 years of experience within the company CPR Services has the best knowledge base in the industry as well as the best applicators for all hand applied needs.


Wet sprayed concrete repair is where a pre-mixed concrete repair material is fed into a pump wet and then sprayed onto the substrate. This type of repair is usually used in medium to high volume types of repair.

CPR Services has custom built and modified new and existing pumps to increase:

  • Volume Out Put per hour.
  • Reduced Wastage.
  • More Efficient Application.
  • More Accurate Application.


CPR Services custom built Gunite (or Dry Spray) machines are at the leading edge of technology within the concrete remediation market. Our dustless set ups exceed all environmental and safety standards Australia wide.

The major benefits however is to our clients. A CPR Gunite set up is the most cost and time efficient method of installing high volume concrete repair in the Australian market. Our skilled operators, accompanied by our market leading machinery are by far the best solution to your remediation needs.

CPR Gunite teams and Machines can deliver anywhere from 100 to 4000 litres of volume of repair on a daily basis.

  • Australia’s ONLY dustless dry spray system.
  • Six levels of output for different applications.
  • Lower rebound and wastage.
  • Project specific material selection.
  • Custom built machinery for specialist applications, large volumes, less wastage and more efficiency.

Major benefits include:

Efficiency: CPR Services customised Gunite system is the most efficient in the industry. Our highly reduced dust and rebound gunite machines increase both the efficiency of application as well as hugely reduce product wastage onsite. Video footage and demonstration available.

Quality: CPR Services has exceeded all Quality Control set out to them in all major civil projects. CPR Services has never failed a testing procedure onsite. This includes compressive, bond strength and geography testing. CPR has achieved results up to twice and three times set out by specifications using our standard systems.

Environmental: The reduction of dust and rebound has huge benefits in containing the surrounding marine and other sensitive environments. Contamination risks are hugely reduced as well associated clean-up costs.

Safety: Great reduction in airborne dust and cement particles,this leads to a safer working environment for those in the work zone. Huge reductions in the possibility of skin irritation and repertory issues. CPR Gunite Machines have custom built safety controls. CPR gunite set ups are the only machines in the industry that are controlled by the operator/nozzle man, making the machines much safer. CPR machines also have inbuilt shut off systems, if any line or whose is obstructed or cut then the machine will automatically shut down, substantially reducing the risk of injury.

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