Grouting Applications include:

  • Epoxy Grouting.
  • Cementitious Grouting.
  • Polyurethane Grouting.
  • Vinylester Grouting.
  • Polyester Grouting.
  • Compaction grouting / Stabilisation grouting.
  • Consolidation grouting of unstable fill materials and granular strata.
  • Erosion control grouting.
  • Grout blanket filling for boat ramps and erosion control.
  • Machine base grouting for the bedding of large or oscillating machinery.
  • Encapsulation grouting using special cementitious and resin grouts.
  • Groundwater or gas barriers using resin grouts or special cementitious grouts.
  • Fissure grouting of all types of stone and substrates.
  • Anchor grouting— FRP, GRP or Steel, soil nails, rock bolts and ground anchors.
  • Annulus filling/grouting of large diameter pipelines installed in tunnel or pipe jack.
  • Tunnel apex/ crown grouting.
  • Mud jacking – (slab jacking using cementitious or bentonite based materials).
  • Underwater grouting for bridge abutments and foundations using specialist underwater grouts.
  • Sewer, culvert and redundant utility pipeline grouting.
  • Bridge, underpass, subway and cellar grouting.
  • Machine Bases.
  • Precast Panels.
  • Tunnel segment grouting/ bedding.
  • Case Grout.
  • Pipe Grouting.
  • Specialist Applications.


We use various pump sizes depending on the yield required. Our grouting machines include:

  • Small Pneumatic Pump: 1 to 100 ltrs p/hr.
  • Medium Electric Pump: 50 to 200 ltrs p/hr.
  • Medium Hydraulic Pump: 201 to 500 ltrs p/hr.
  • Medium Pneumatic Pump: 101 to 500 ltrs p/hr.
  • Large Diesel Pump: 4500 ltrs p/hr.

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