CPR Services are an approved contractor for many reputable and proven liquid and sheet waterproofing membrane systems. Our ability to offer an impartial approach in choosing the most appropriate system for each differing application, focusing on the quality of installation and return to service, leads to Client satisfaction and repeat business.

Failure to provide effective waterproofing affects a structure’s functionality and maintenance. A durable waterproofing system must be able to resist changes in temperature, chemical attack from carbon dioxide gases, chlorides and sulphates and environmental factors, such as urban pollution and acid rain, to ensure the life expectancy of the structure.

CPR Services provides specialised solutions for all types of concrete and steel structures with a high quality range of waterproofing systems from world leading manufacturers’, using advanced technology, to provide our Clients’ with an appropriate and functional specification to achieve a dry environment.

Specialist Waterproofing Services include:

  • Liquid applied waterproofing.
  • Bituminous sheet membranes.
  • High performance HDPE sheet membranes.
  • Polymer Modified Cementitious Coatings.
  • Green roof systems.
  • Below Ground Protection layers.
  • Expansion Joints.
  • Concrete Treatments and Coatings.
  • Waterstops and Waterbar.
  • Leak Detection.

Structural Waterproofing & Protection

Moisture, combined with harmful salts, is the main cause of structural dilapidation. CPR Services continuously improve their waterproofing and protection products, utilising those which have been proven over decades, in providing structural new build and refurbishment projects.


  • Podium Decks.
  • Insulated Roofs.
  • Non-Insulated Roofs.
  • Balconies and Terraces.
  • Stadia.
  • Basement slabs and walls.
  • Lift Pits.

Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Bridges are constantly subjected to penetration by water, chlorides, acid rain, diesel and petrol ingress.The result of these harmful effects is the corrosion of steel decks and reinforcing steel. This corrosion leads to the asphalt breaking up causing further deterioration, traffic disruption and costly repairs.

CPR Services are the exclusive licensed applicator in Australia for the Matacryl Bridge Deck Waterproofing System. A cold, liquid applied, PUMA resin membrane that bonds to both the concrete or steel deck and the overlying asphalt surfacing, to afford ultimate protection to the bridge structure.


  • Bridges.
  • Viaducts.
  • Service Roads.
  • Culverts.
  • Footbridges.

Car Park Waterproofing and Wearing Layer Systems

CPR Services can offer a range of the latest advanced technology, cold, liquid applied waterproofing and wearing layer systems to ensure a solution that meets current specifications for new build or refurbishment car park projects.


  • Exposed Car Park Decks.
  • Underground & Internal Car Parks.
  • Ramps & Turning Circles.

Tunnel Waterproofing

Tunnels are either buried in the ground or immersed in water, and, therefore, are more at risk from water ingress than most other types of structures and repairing tunnels can be difficult, expensive and highly disruptive.

CPR have partnered with technically proven tunnel membrane system manufacturers’to ensure timely and cost effective waterproofing is provided at the construction phase or maintenance program of these major infrastructure assets.


  • Bored Tunnels.
  • Immersed Tunnels.
  • Cut and Cover Tunnels.
  • Pedestrian Subways.

Water Management


The protection of concrete in waste water facilities is vital. Water tanks and plants contain and manage contaminated water, non-potable or rain water, residential, industrial and factory waste water, effluent and many more chemicals.


The coatings used in the protection of drinking water tanks are required to comply with stringent health and hygiene regulations as well as being able to effectively prevent moisture ingress into the structure.

CPR Services can provide advice and recommendations for the most suitable protective membranes for your structure to enable it to deal with Australian Standards and Regulations, changing degrees of contamination, fluctuating liquid levels and aggressive microclimates.


  • Reservoirs.
  • Water Tanks.
  • Effluent Treatment Plants.
  • Silos.


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