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Leaking and Structural Crack Injection, Concrete Repair, Carbon Fibre Reinforcing, Slab Jacking, Soil Stabilisation, Protective Coatings, Specialised Waterproofing, Bridge Deck Waterproofing as well as Epoxy & Cementitious Grouting...

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We have developed and provided concrete repair & remediation solutions over many years in Victoria and NSW, and are proudly the leading experts at Leaking Crack Injections, Structural Crack Injection, Concrete Repair, Carbon Fibre Reinforcement, Protective and Chemical Resistant Coating, Sewer Linings, Soil Stabilisation as well as Slab Jacking for large concrete assets. CPR are the first choice for large Gunite spraying as our systems extend to dust free, reduce wastage, increase efficiency & all quality control tests along with managing and maintaining the environmental and safety aspects of the surrounding location and all safety requirements of the work area.

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